Monday, May 11, 2009

Tips on storing your cupcakes

Storing your cupcakes

This is just a short guide on storing your cupcakes, though, you can have it in any way you like, really. :D

Generally, I like to have my cupcakes soft and moist, so I don't usually keep them in the fridge, but I DO keep them in a cool room (i.e. with aircon)

1. Buttercream frosting

- Many might not like the greasy and "runny" texture of the buttercream frosting if not refrigerated. In such case, please keep the buttercream cupcakes in the fridge. The buttercream will become more solidified BUT not hard that you risk breaking a tooth! Hehe! It will be just nice. Even my one year-old nephew with so little teeth can bite into hardened butter cream. :D I recommend that cupcakes should be "thawed" for a few hours after kept in the fridge before consumption in order to soften the cake. However, please also note that the cake part will lose its moisture slightly and be slightly hard (again, not rock hard hehehe).

2. White Chocolate frosting

-This type of frosting is easier to manage. It does not melt even if not refrigerated. This type of cupcake is preferably stored in a cool room and not refrigerated.

3. Cream Cheese frosting

-I don't really like the texture and taste of cream cheese frosting once it hardens up in the fridge. It tastes a little bit too commercial-ish.. hehe.. you know? I really recommend these to be kept in a cool room, and not in the fridge.

4. Oreo Truffles

-Must be kept in the fridge at all times. Otherwise, they are happier in your tummy! :D

5. Mont Blanc Frosting (soft meringue)

-As this type of frosting contains raw eggs, they are best consumed within a day and best kept refrigerated before consumption. (Let thaw about 30 minutes at room temperature). Please note that children and pregnant women are not be advised to take raw eggs for health reasons.

6. Other frostings

-Please keep them in an air-conditioned room unless stated.

Generally, to be on the safe side, please keep your cupcakes in an air-condition room to ensure the freshness of the frosting. Like most food, Pip Pops cupcakes are best consumed fresh. Nonetheless, I hope this helps! :D


1. Oreo Truffles, Banoffee Pie

-Best kept and served chilled.

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