Friday, June 19, 2009

Yummy Coconut Bars

When I was still in uni, I would mooch off my housemate's Tesco's Coconut Macaroons. They were fairly cheap yet lovely and they made me feel like an old English lady hehehe... Anyhoo... I came back to Brunei and could not find anything similar ANYWHERE! I know there's a local alternative but I had it when I was like three years old so I don't know how it should look like or what it's called. I also have my doubts about Bounty Bars so that's not an option.

So, the only solution is to make some myself!!! And they come in cute bite-size cubes instead of flat macaroons. AND coated with dark chocolate... Mmm... If you're a coconut freak (LIKE ME), I really recommend these! :D

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