Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brunei Halloween Shopping Guide

Hello Ghouls and Spooks...

As Halloween is drawing near, I can hear shrieks of panic and despair... Some of you may be organizing or attending a Halloween party and may still be without clue as to where to get your costumes!!! Here's a little guide which I hope will be helpful! :D

-Plaza Athirah, Ground Floor (opposite the fruit kiosks). They have the widest range of costume accessories!
-Deseo in Regent Square, Kiulap
-Hokko in Kiarong has very scary masks!!!! And Hokko is the best craft store in Brunei, so get creative! :D
-Mothercare / Bebeland Kiulap have great costumes for little spooks! :D
-Little M Batu Besurat (the most awesome place to shop for costumes: variety & better prices :D )
-Cute Pack (Serusop, Kiulap, Tanjung Bunut) has great and cheap party supplies, tiaras, streamers, Venetian masks, etc.

-Check with Stationery Shops, but I am definitely sure the book kiosk in Supa Save Mata-Mata have some awesome face paints!!!
-Hua Ho Kiulap stationery section

-Cute Pack Serusop/Gadong/Tanjung Bunut/
-WWW Economy Mart
-I haven't seen any halloween props anywhere in Brunei yet, BUT this is the best opportunity to show off your creativity! :D Google Halloween DIY props. Use things like cotton to create "webs". :D
-I haven't seen any halloween candy etc, but again, be creative! :D Google for ideas! :D Try making "air sirap" for blood punch, throw in some black olives to create a creepy effect. Dim the lights of course! :D
-Pip Pops is still taking Halloween orders! :D

If you know where else we could get Halloween items in Brunei, please do leave a comment and share! :D

Most of all, be creative and have lots of fun! :D

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