Friday, May 18, 2012

Obsessed with pink+green!

Remember when I told you I've been dreaming about cakes? Well, I whipped one up soon after! I saw this cute photo of a cake online and decided to bake one (almost) exactly like it! To be honest, I baked it only because I really loved the color combo! Pink and green.

It's been a few months now that I've started noticing all things pink+green. I've also been putting of kain shopping (pink+green chiffon) for work baju. And now, it's too late as tailors no longer accept requests as they're all drowned with raya requests! boohoo!!

Anyway, yes, pink+green.:3

The cake was basically a cherry cake with swiss meringue frosting. I shall not tell you how rich this frosting is (and the amount of butter I used!!!!!). I am sure Weightwatchers would get a heart attack if they found out! Hehehe!!! 

Joking aside, I believe in moderation. I LOVE butter and simply cannot live without it. But I do worry about my waistline too (and *cough* my arteries for that matter). But what is life without glorious, luscious butter? : D 

All this "healthy" talk reminds me of the sports bra I recently bought for running (or walking, in my case). Guess what color it is? ;)

OOH!! I am also excited to announce that we're now available on mobile version (easier viewing, yayyy!).

Have a lovely jubbly Friday people : D

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